Saturday, June 17, 2017

Eddy Cue also points to charity lunches, if you win the auction I would have lunch with you in Spanish

Eddy Cue , the head of Apple services such as the App Store, Apple Music, Siri, Maps, iCloud and others, has also pointed to offering a lunch with him at an auction, as he has been doing his boss Tim Cook . Many do not know, but Eduardo Cué , his real non- Americanized name , has Latino parents living in Miami. She is of Cuban descent, and therefore speaks Spanish . In addition to basketball, he loves sports cars, something that certainly fuels the fact that he is also on the board of Ferrari . He also likes Latin music.
In this case, lunch with him will be in the new Apple Park that is still finishing being built. In this case, the proceeds will go to the National Association of Basketball Coaches Foundation , given Cue's interest in the sport and specifically in basketball. He is a regular in many NBA games. His favorite team, specifically, is the Golden State Warriors .
The price of lunch is included, but the travel costs to Cupertino, no. The winner can not re-sell or give away the lunch with Cue ... the one who wins, or goes, or does not go - but can not do anything else. The photos inside the Apple Park are not allowed although we imagine that Cue will allow himself to do some selfie with him in the cafeteria or some other public place. The tour does not include a tour of the campus.
Auction for lunch with Eddy Cue
If you are interested and you have tens of thousands of dollars to employ in this, you can do it from Charitybuzz . At the time of publishing this article, the auction is at $ 120,000 , with eleven days to finish.
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