Thursday, June 1, 2017

Even downloading WhatsApp is a risk on Android

One of the indisputable features to be iPhone users is security . And thanks to the iOS environment we enjoy a fluid environment in which Apple controls what enters and what not in the software of our terminals with total security thanks to its strict controls in the App Store. And these things, you want it not, you notice. It shows in the continuous and massive updates that allow our device to be safe and it shows when, innocent of you, you try to download WhatsApp on your Android smartphone and the disaster happens. Keep this name: Whatsup
Because the most downloaded instant messaging client on the planet called WhatsApp ** has a clone in the Play Store that is making life impossible for its users. It's called Whatshup and it's a fake that swarms around the Android apps platform and that in less than a month has already got over 100,000 installations of clueless users. And of course, ** you are looking for WhatsApp written in any way in the Play Store and it appears, its appearance is similar and you end up downloading it and entering your data .
WhatsApp on Adroid
The news is truly worrying , obviously if you are Android user because we insist, Apple people do not allow under any circumstances such impudent impersonations. Seeing the description it is seen that it is totally false and is put without any care, although its appearance is similar in the platform of discharges.
As is tradition when you download an app, the first thing you do is ask for permissions. To the classic access to your contacts, location, camera and photographs, also authorize Whatshup to:
  • Access to internet data.
  • View network connections
  • Receiving data from the internet
  • Deactivating device stand-by mode
WhatsApp on Adroid
But they may not be the only data that the server located somewhere on the planet receives, probably Russia, judging by the email address of the developer that appears in the description.
So if you are Android user care if you have to reinstall WhatsApp, but above all, we hope that Google take letters in the matter and block the app as soon as possible, because it has been in the Play Store for a while , but when it entered the platform And passed the automatic control of google was called Fhatsupp. It was in little more than two weeks, when on May 14 changed its name and increased downloads.
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