Thursday, June 29, 2017

Exif Viewer, or how to know everything about your photos

We come to the load with an application that will delight the users who butt press the camera of photos . We talk about Exif Viewer, a jewel within reach of your hand. First, say that EXIF ​​are the abbreviations of Exchangeable Image File Format . It is a standard created to store metadata of the photos made by our devices . That is, every time we photograph with our iPhone or iPad this saves a series of data such as location, camera model, ISO or file size.
The amount of data provided by this application is overwhelming, I have counted 55 of them . Mention aside and if we have the location activated, also offers the place in Google Maps from which the snapshot has been taken. In this case I have to say that of the 8 photos I have now on the reel, all are perfectly geolocalized except in one of them, which has given an error of about 2 kilometers.
The Apple operating system does not logically provide so much data when taking pictures. With this application you will not miss anything about your photos .
IPhone photo
One of the most interesting functions offered by the application is the possibility to delete the EXIF ​​data that all digital machines implicitly record in your photographs . This is very useful in the case of wanting to share a snapshot and do not want to know these data, especially the location.
When installing the application we will go by the route Photos> All the photos , we will select the photo that we want and we will click on the icon of the left, "to share". Once done this appears in the lower part another icon called View Exif and when clicking it we will be able to accede to our photographic data. You then have the option of sharing the photo with the data without them or copying them to the clipboard.
So you no longer have excuses to stop losing everything about your photographs. If you are attentive you can get it for free if you usually follow our page . Now is the time to leave your comments .
Exif Fluntro Viewer for DSLR Photography

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