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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Explore the sky from your iPhone or iPad with SkyView

Lovers of summer nights are in luck. Firstly because we arrive at that season of the year, short nights and clean skies, and in addition to having a really incredible application that puts the universe at your fingertips . Today we talk about SkyView, the best of a wide range .
This application makes use of the camera of your device so that, pointing to the sky, you can identify from the screen the celestial bodies and even artificial satellites that orbit around us. The character of SkyView is clearly informative and educational , since even though we are looking at the sky on these summer nights we do not usually go beyond identifying the Big Dipper.

SkyView, Spatial Augmented Reality

With SkyView the experience is total by making use of augmented reality. It is very enriching to put names and surnames to those celestial bodies that call our attention. If you point, for example, to a star, you will know its name or if it belongs to a specific constellation , besides showing you the screen on the screen. It comes to mind the constellation of Gemini, represented by 2 twins with a peculiar graph in the application.
In the same way you can track the planets of the Solar System, even those that are not visible to the naked eye, such as Uranus and Neptune, in addition to the dwarf planet Pluto. Really impressive not only for that, but because when we look at some star provides us with additional information of what we are seeingThis is possible thanks to Sky Paths, which also allows tracking along the sky of their trajectories. The space bodies placed in orbit by the human being do not escape to the eye of SkyView, being able to follow up of ISS or of Hubble among others many.
More things, the application allows to capture photographs of some celestial body in concrete and to share them in the social networks. It has some interesting options as a night mode, in which the screen is stained a transparent red color . Also, you can listen to the celestial character music that comes included with SkyView, although when I use it I prefer not to hear anything.

Points in favor

  • Highly configurable. You decide from the size of the bodies to how many constellations you want them to be displayed.
  • Very economical price for everything it offers .
  • Possibility of calibration not to miss anything.

Point against

  • At the moment it is only available in English .
You know, if these summer nights want to spend a while entertaining the cleaning of the skies try to download this application and make it a much fuller experience .
SkyView® - Explore the Universe

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