Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Facebook Messenger welcomes interesting news

Facebook announced this week important news for its Facebook Messenger messaging application Features that will be incorporated to improve the user experience of the videos within the Messenger application itself for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Important news in Facebook Messenger

In both group video conversations and individual conversations, Facebook Messenger users can add or use the already famous animated reactions, filters, effects and new masks . Features very Snapchat style that starts copying the social network in each and every one of its applications.
Filters in Messenger video calls
Filters in Messenger video calls
In addition, for animated reactions, Messenger users can choose from one of the five emoji icons that have this application: love, laughter, surprise, sadness or angerHitting an emoji generates a reaction that runs all over the screen for a short period of time.

Many new features for the Facebook assistant, M.

Finally, but to my liking the best is the Facebook assistant named M, a personal assistant driven by the artificial intelligence of the social network. While it is true that this wizard can get to answer in a lot of situations becoming an important help, in this version is somewhat more limited. At the moment, M will only be able to give us suggestions of stickers in the conversations, help us to ask for a Uber if you think we need one, the new "save for later" function, birthday wishes and the initiation of calls through Messenger if it is Need to contact one of our contacts.
The save function for later is quite striking, as the M assistant detects if a person in a particular conversation starts sending different URLs to each other, to save them for later consumption in case the volume of the conversation is high. If you want to share content that you saved later, you can easily do so thanks to the 'Saved' extension .
Improvements in M ​​the Facebook assistant on Facebook Messenger
Improvements in M ​​the Facebook assistant on Facebook Messenger
Birthday wish reminders is pretty much the same function as seeing on Facebook if a contact is birthday or not a certain day. Starting today, Messenger will remind you to send a birthday greeting reminder  every time you find yourself in the conversation with a birthday boy.
Last but not least are the initiations of calls. Basically, if someone in the Messenger chat says something like "I want to call Pablo" or "I need to contact Maria" , M will appear with a shortcut to offer you a video call through Facebook Messenger. It does not sound bad, does it?
Facebook Messenger will get these M suggestions starting today. In addition, M suggestions will be implemented in Spain today, both in English and Spanish.
The personal assistant, currently available only in the United States, is designed to provide proactive suggestions in Messenger but from today, M suggestions will be implemented in Spain both in English (the official language of M) and in Spanish(Although with some very limited functions).
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