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Friday, June 2, 2017

Facebook would be working on Talk, a teenage messaging service

We recently saw that Facebook was quite interested in improving their instant messaging application , and it seems that they do not settle for the purchase of WhatsApp. And it is that today it has been revealed that the company of  Mark Zuckerberg  would be working on developing a service of messenger for adolescents , Talk.

Facebook code reveals an instant messaging application for teens

The existence of this future application has been known through the Facebook code . In the code of this social network you can see some traces of the existence of this application, so to assume that the company is developing such an application is the most sensible.

What would Talk say?

Leaving aside the resemblance of the name with another existing product although abandoned, Google Talk, the Facebook application would have some very interesting features.
The biggest advantage that minors use this app is that it is specifically developed for them. That is, it would be a very simple interface but attractive for the little ones. In this way, the games would be one of the main attractions, which makes sense knowing that the company has made a great effort to implement games in Messenger .
Instant Games on Messenger
Instant Games on Messenger, the new feature of the Facebook messaging application.
Also, a very important attraction would be the security . Although yes, this to the adolescents probably not much to grace them, but the parents will thank without hesitation. An example of how security can be implemented Facebook is to add a restriction of just talking to people who have on their agenda. Although this is yet to be seen.
But without a doubt, the most revolutionary option would be parental control . Thus, regardless of the operating system, parents could have total control over the people their child speaks to , if they wish. In addition, they could also impose a restricted usage schedule or activate a filter to ensure good language.
Talk would be an instant messaging application with built-in parental control.
Talk would be an instant messaging application with built-in parental control.
And would it be necessary to have this app to be able to talk to the child or teenager? Yes, unless you are an adult relative of the minor. This way, the minor could talk to their parents through Talk, but the parents would receive the messages in Messenger and could answer them from there. Therefore, communication between both messaging applications would be possible.


As we can see, Facebook is betting heavily with its instant messaging system . In addition, with this movement remarcan that the technology can take to many areas. But it remains to be seen how they end up implementing it and what minimum age they propose.

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