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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Flight information now at your fingertips on your iPhone

Going to the airport to look for a friend or relative is sometimes an unpleasant task. On certain occasions we go to the airport with the right time, but for some reason the flight is delayed and we wait and watch the hours pass in the most stupid way with the consequent inconvenience.
There are alternatives to these problems and one of them is FlightRadar24, an application for our phone that provides real-time flight information, approaching the exciting world of commercial aviation.
FlightRadar24 allows you to interact on the phone screen so that for example, if you are spending a day at the beach you can dedicate yourself to "hunt" planes . It is as simple as selecting the ARview option, which opens the camera of your device and pointing to the plane shows you a label with the airline, destination and many more data.

How does it work?

Each aircraft that crosses the skies emits a series of signals that are collected by a series of antennas in earth, that are those that allow to have always located to these apparatuses. FlighRadar24 takes advantage of this technology to put it within our reach and to take advantage of this information. In fact, even if an airplane does not contain the corresponding device to warn of its position, FlightRadar can calculate the position of the aircraft.
Boeing787 on FlightRadar24
It may seem like a game, but our friends spotters , or aviation photographers make intense use of this tool to have the different flights located and thus take the best snapshots.
It has an interesting option that is to be able to configure alerts , two are predefined, general emergency and problems with the radio, which is the most common. If any of them occur, a notification appears on the screen and you can track the device accurately. These alerts are also configurable according to different parameters like airlines, by type of airplane or by region.
This app is free (basic) limited in information and with ads and purchases within it (silver and gold), which have a monthly cost that becomes cheaper if we buy the application for a full year. A real bargain for everything he does. For the standard user will be worth with the basic if you do not bother the ads and just want to know origin and destination. For all that, to spend the time on vacation is fantastic as it provides great entertainment.

Flightradar24 | Flight Tracker

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