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Monday, June 26, 2017

Forget to sign in to your work thanks to Intratime

For a long time, new technologies have been implemented in companies, whether multinationals or SMEs, to make both work and routine processes faster and more efficient . However, in some areas we were still in diapers, as is the traditional time to sign. And is that with Intratime , the classic card has gone down in history in a much easier way. How about doing it from your smartphone?
Because Intratime is an app that provides time tracking to monitor workers' hours and when they are in or out of the office. The tedious moment of passing the card lathe or getting nervous with the work inspections is over, thanks to Intratime everything is under control.

 How does Intratime work?

As you know, companies must have a record of employees' hours, so that the hours worked by contract with employees can be controlled - 40 hour contract or part time contract - and overtime done, because in the The most unexpected moment may be an inspector to verify compliance .
Well, through Intratime you can control the inputs and outputs of each employee, whether the number of hours you work and where you have been thanks to the geolocation. So at any time you can get detailed and updated listings on your smartphone with all the necessary information .

What features does Intratime offer?

But Intratime, in addition to being an app to sign, offers many other features that make it essential software for the company:
  • Data management and access
  • List of complete signings
  • Filters by employee, project and date
  • Editing the erroneous signings
  • Export reports in PDF, Excel and TXT
  • Cloud platform
  • Data always accessible online
  • Maximum security (data encryption)
  • Integration with external management systems (APIs)
So you know, if you want to keep control of your company easily, quickly and efficiently , try Intratime .

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