Monday, June 19, 2017

Fotofami: an alternative to the cloud with characteristics of artificial intelligenceFotofami: an alternative to the cloud with characteristics of artificial intelligence

Storing data in the cloud is the obvious choice most people often have when they need to protect their information. However, there are those who are still skeptical about the security of most of these tools: just for this sector, there are alternatives to the cloud like Fotofami, a device that allows to make a copy of the photos of the iPhone or IPad.
Fotofami is a hard disk certified by Apple, whose artificial intelligence technology allows you to recognize faces and sort the photos of the iPhone and iPad by expressions, emotions, genres and ages.

Organize your photos and videos according to the gestures and reactions

For those who are already thinking about how heavy it can be to load additional equipment, there is nothing to worry about. Fotofami is a square and slim device, small enough to carry it in a pocket without worrying about its weight or why it takes up too much space.
Also, in order to guarantee all the security of the information stored in the device, it works without an Internet connection and the images are only transmitted through the cable. To access the hard disk, it is necessary to verify the identity of the user through the recognition of the fingerprint or password, depending on the configuration desired.

Of course and by accepting the conditions of use of the hard disk, it is also accepted that to lose or damage it also means to lose all the information contained in it, unless before, it has been decided to share in social networks or with someone else.
This support disk for photos of Apple's iOS devices is available in 64GB capacities for $ 79 to store about 50,000 photos and 520 minutes of videos or 128 GB for $ 119, which means twice as much the capacity.s
For now, the product is only available on the official website of Fotofami and will be sent from the end of June.
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