Saturday, June 3, 2017

Foxconn employees filter out Apple's projects on reddit for next year

Leaks about Apple products are always news within the world of technology. Those of the apple are products that everyone is expecting , some to see that Apple can incorporate their devices, and others as fans who wait for the renewals of their iPhone, MacBooks or Apple Watch.
In recent weeks, much has been known of the future products of the people of Cupertino thanks to the usual leaks that surround any presentation of the apple, as today with the WWDC on June 5.
Today, thanks to the leaks of some employees of Foxconn, we not only have new details of Apple about its products, but we know some of the projects that Apple handles for next year . The leak comes from the well-known portal Reddit, which talks about what will be the next hardware renovations in the coming months.
Leaks projects apple 2018
As we can see in the picture, the first thing mentioned in this Reditt post is how Apple could be working on augmented reality glasses . These glasses are expected to be between 2018 and 2019, always taking into account that the filtration itself is the one that ensures that the project could be canceled for reasons that we still do not know.
It was also filtered a loudspeaker with integrated Siri that rumored that Apple would present in this WWDC, speaker that by what is seen will serve more like a home assistant in the purest style of Google Home or Alexa of Amazon . Yes it is true that it seems that according to this new information, we will not be able to see this device in the next presentation due to the change of location of the place where it was manufactured.
In terms of the iMac we also have news, it seems that Apple will fulfill its promise and is already working and testing a new model for the family that would arrive in 2018. Of course Macbooks also appear in this leak, where they would already be testing a new model With a keyboard technology with an adaptive interface, based on electronic ink . For its part iPhone 8 would be passing the engineering tests that all the products of the sector fulfill.
No doubt Apple not only thinks about the most imminent presentations, but it is already working in a year 2018 that seems to bring us many new features not only in terms of renewals but also referred to related to the software of their products.
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