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Friday, June 23, 2017

Foxconn to invest $ 10 billion in the United States

Almost 3 weeks ago, on June 5 of this year, we had the pleasure of being present at WWDC 2017 (World Wide Developers Conference), the most anticipated event by Apple users and developers. In this conference we are informed about the upcoming projects that the company of Cupertino has in mind to draw in the near future or simply give us the news that will be within a very short time, relatively speaking, within the section of products in its Web page.
If you're like us, a lover of the devices of this brand, we have good news for you: Foxconn, one of the big suppliers of Apple, plans to invest a large amount of money, $ 10 billion in the United States to accelerate the pace of Manufacturing of iPhone terminals, and of course, higher speed translates to revenue less time and more money in the long run.

It looks like Trump is delivering

Trump Migration Policies Affect Technology Companies
The senior officials of this company did not get up for a day with this particular idea for no apparent reason, since it all started thanks to the plans on the economy of Donald Trump , its president. These ideas and objectives are based on increasing the number of jobs and decreasing unemployment, hence its famous phrase "Make America great again".
Of the $ 10 billion that FoxConn is going to invest in the leading country in North America, 7,000 will go to the creation of a new factory, in this case only screens . So far it is not known where it will be, nor in what state or city, but it is very likely that it will rise in one of the following cities: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Texas.
Message from Tim Cook after election of Donald Trump
Although all rumors, Trump himself "confirmed" in his visit to a large plant belonging to a leading company in the electronics sector , which is dedicated to making computers, televisions, mobile and something else. White and bottled milk, can not be other than Apple. And because of the closeness of this, since so far Foxconn only had factories in Asia, they will have less costs in transport and import of a large list with different materials, which will mean less expenses and bigger printed ones.
Although Tim Cook himself has been against Trump , we can not deny that the president meets the goal of his election campaign : to generate more work and to return the United States to the status it had in its golden age.

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