Friday, June 9, 2017

FRAMED, the application of the week for iPhone and iPad

Again, Apple has re-selected a new  application of the week , and this time we are faced with  FRAMED , a game that we can see in its description in the App Store, "the narrative and the puzzle go hand in hand."
Specifically, we are faced with an animated comic whose outcome is altered by rearranging the vignettes, that is, it will be necessary to play several times to know all the end it offers.

So far, FRAMED has won 7 design awards thanks to the fusion of a very novel game mechanic and some puzzles that seem to hook everyone who tests it.
In short, we are faced with a game that allows us to live a game experience totally new and different from everything else. Put on the headphones, settle down and enjoy yourself!
FRAMED is available for free (until June 15) and is universal .
FRAMED (AppStore Link) FRAMED 
Developer: Loveshack Entertainment Pty Ltd

Rated: 12+3
Price: Free
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