Saturday, June 17, 2017

FullSafari, enable iPad Safari windows on any device (Cydia)

As you know iPad users, Safari shows open windows as if it were a desktop browser, something that does not happen on the iPhone because of its size.
Well, just published FullSafari , a tweak how you will be thinking, allows to enable the style of the open windows Safari iPad on any other device.

FullSafari brings the style of iPad Safari windows to any device

In this way, we can quickly change the window as if it were an iPad or a desktop browser, and also have at all times present what windows we have open.
As for the tweak itself, it does not have any configuration, so you only need to install it to start enjoying it.
  • Name : FullSafari
  • Compatibility : iOS 9 & iOS 10
  • Price : Free
  • Repository : BigBoss
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