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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Get to know the three new features of WhatsApp for iOS

We have started the week getting the best news that could be expected for iOS 11 and regarding the expectation left by the official launch this fall, WhatsApp has decided to take advantage to present three new updates, especially for iOS; In this opportunity the improvements are focused on the optimization when sending images and in its edition.
WhatsApp is clear that visual communication is fundamental in these times and for that reason it takes time making efforts to improve its tools dedicated to the formats of images and videos, like the ones that we will see next.
WhatsApp Updates for iOS

WhatsApp enhances iOS image management

Of the three features presented this Tuesday, several are common to other applications belonging to Facebook, and as is customary they wait a little longer before reaching WhatsApp, as happened at the time with the - beloved and hated - "States."
Share albums with WhatsApp iOS
Filters : Five new filtering options are available to apply to WhatsApp photos, videos and GIFs, to make immediate corrections or simply give a more striking appearance to this type of content. After recording or shooting, users can modify their content by applying filter options: pop, black and white, chrome, film and cool.
Albums: from now, when we send a set of four photographs or videos will be created automatically, an album to organize such content. To access the option and view the images in full screen, users should only scroll over one of these.
Mentions: This option will allow you to respond to a specific message by sliding over it and then pressing at the bottom of the chat window to write a response. This alternative is especially useful in group chats where you generally share many ideas at once.
WhatsApp Filters on iOS
Until now, these three functions are specific to iOS and even the company has not given information on their availability for Android.

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