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Thursday, June 15, 2017

GIFs will also be available in Facebook comments

Facebook likes to go it safe when it comes to making updates in their companies - the best example is the integration of the Stories in Instagram, WhatsApp and later on the same platform, regardless of the clear copy that made of Snapchat - and from Today the Mark Zuckerberg company, will implement the use of GIFs in their comments. The date of this announcement has been chosen to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the birth of this format, which says so much in our conversations today.
Undoubtedly, this latest innovation that incorporates the variety of tools that Facebook offers us today is aimed at the young, more adept at using the right GIF at the right time. The option will be available to all users throughout the day.

Find GIFs without leaving Facebook

The dynamics of use of GIFs in Facebook will work in the same way as in Facebook Messenger or as we do in WhatsApp and Telegram, with an integrated search engine GHIPHY in which only need to write the keyword of the situation we want to reflect .
This update will allow the conversations to be much more dynamic than we are accustomed to this social network, eliminating the step that forced users to search the message off the page.
With this new addition, there is no doubt that Facebook will increase the statistics that reflected that last year was sent almost 13 billion GIFs in Facebook Messenger, and only on January 1, 2017 400 million shipments were made.
Are GIFs part of your daily conversations in different messaging services? What do you think of this news about Facebook? Leave it in the comments

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