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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Google will stop spying on Gmail to show personalized advertising

One of Gmail's most controversial issues since its launch in 2004 was how the free email service scanned and parsed emails to display personalized ads .
Fortunately, and finally, Google has announced that it will stop reading emails to offer personalized advertising in Gmail during this year.

Google will continue to show ads in Gmail

However, the fact that Google stops scanning Gmail emails does not mean that the company will delete the ads that appear in the Gmail application or its web services, but it will change the way users appear.
Following the announcement of this decision, the company's most popular web browser has wanted to cite several times the security and privacy features of Gmail.
Gmail iOS

Advertising customization will continue to take place, but will be limited to other uses, will not be based on the tastes of each user, and Gmail emails will not be scanned.
These changes follow the line of how other Google products show ads to users. On the other hand, Google has also wanted to remind the community that they have the option of disabling personalized advertising across all platforms .
As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of this article, scanning emails has always been a very controversial issue for Gmail . In fact, it appears that the company has accumulated numerous demands over the last few years due to this reason. One of the most recent, in late 2016, forced Google to reach an agreement to change the way the advertising scanning system works.

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