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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Greenpeace criticizes Apple for the difficulty of repairing its products

We all know Greenpeace, that organization so famous against gas emissions, pollution and in general everything that is against the environment and the native fauna of each site in the world. Not long ago they created a campaign called Re-Think, which consisted of large brands and companies such as Apple, LG, Samsung and other companies related to the mobile phone industry to make the process of repairing their terminals simpler, thus helping To the consumer as to the planet .
One of the agreements included in this campaign was basically to make their smartphones more durable so that their useful life was prolonged and not so many tons of scrap a year as they are discarded today. They have also been scoring the companies that signed this contract based on how they have managed to handle the situation and comply with the agreement.
IPhone 7 3D touch
This scale goes from 1 to 10 , and in the ten we can only find a particular phone, the Fairphone 2, which, according to Greenpeace, is the easiest and cheapest to repair the market. The other terminals are LG, Samsung etc., but the iPhone 7, the best-selling smartphone so far this year , ranks fifth . Apparently the organization in favor of the environment not only criticizes the mobiles, but also computers, laptops, tablets and other types of gadgets that we can buy.

Apple products are worth their price

IPad Pro and MacBook
Apple once again shines through its difficulty in repairing its products, but especially the computers. This is due to different factors given that we can not buy a laptop 200 or 300 euros, that is, low-end, with a MacBook which has an infinite number of elements that do what is , so it is logical that Having more things and being more complete is more difficult and expensive to repair .
Having said all this, if you are against companies such as Apple or Samsung make their devices, not only their terminals, but all their products more difficult and at a cost above average you can sign an application so that the rest of similar companies To these two facilitate us this type of processes . The truth is that we are users of MacBook or iMac do not usually complain about these types of problems, because computers as much as Apple's laptops usually last many years, this is another reason why you should buy a Mac computer before any Another .

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