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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Here are 5 curious facts you did not know about Apple

The company of the bite apple began more than 40 years ago in the garage of the parents, who today are founders, although these unfortunately are not alive to this day. Steve Jobs is one of the parents of the Cupertino company, but he was also a genius and an unrivaled visionary of the century in which we live. Even today, we can see traits of the personality of creators in the products that are manufactured day after day today . Here are a few curious facts you probably did not know about this company.

It all started with a simple calculator

Photograph of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak at work
To start somewhere, Apple creators Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak sold items they owned to earn money to get a starting point. Stephen was given more money by a simple scientific calculator than Jobs for his classic Volkswagen truck , this is reasonable, although today we think it is crazy, since at that time the majority of the population did not even know that It was a computer. And that's how they got the money to start what we know today as the apple bite company.

Pioneers in digital cameras

Camera Pictures Apple Quicktake 200
More than 20 years ago, in 1994, the most popular camera was undoubtedly the one that used reel, which you had to reveal in order to get the photos physically. Apple revolutionized the world of photography with its first digital camera, the QuickTake 100 , just as it changed the universe of the music industry with iTunes.

Macintosh was not Steve Jobs' favorite name

This iPhone charging cradle that mimics the shape of a Macintosh
When they thought of the names, they said that Macintosh was only tentative, which was why Steve agreed, but what he did not know was that this nickname was coming to stay. The time came when he found out that this name was not temporary and I try to change it to "Bicycle", but Apple's senior officials said no .

Why do always appear at 9:41 as the time when presenting an iPhone?

Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone in 2007
It is a fact that very few know. The birth of this custom on the part of the company when presenting a new terminal in the WWDC, is due to Steve Jobs said exactly at 9:41 am: "Today Apple will reinvent the phone," just after saying This phrase, his cell phone appeared just behind him, marking 9:42 just as he finished saying the phrase.

Do you have any idea how much Apple earns per second?

Apple Money
Since only 8 years after its birth in the garage of the parents of current creators, Apple went on the list of Fortune 500, being 411 in this ranking. Decades later, it comes as no surprise to any of us that the company generates so much money , because in 2013, the company got the incredible figure of 171 billion dollars (152,000 million euros), this translates to 5,400 dollars per Second (4800 euros).

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