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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Holo: the app to try something of Augmented Reality with our iPhone

Since last year Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become the center of attention of the world of technology, although everything seems to indicate that Apple is weaker in the second option; So it is one of the strong bets that was addressed in the WWDC as part of iOS 11 and as has been released according to several leaks, so will be for the camera of the expected iPhone 8.
Although it is through ARKit - the software platform to push developers to actually create augmented applications for iOS users - who are expected to get the best applications based on this technology, there are already developers dedicated to launch some Augmented Reality app Which can give us an idea of ​​the experience that we can enjoy at its highest level within a few months.
A fun and relaxed sample of how Augmented Reality will change our way of seeing and interacting with objects from the outside world is Holo, an application that allows us to choose holograms to place in photos and videos.

Holo's Augmented Reality technology allows us to put characters into photos and videos

With Holo we can create funny images or videos using the advantages of Augmented Reality; Thanks to this we can be accompanied by Spiderman or some of the characters that come by default in the application, without using any image editor.

The use of Holo is very simple and resembles what we do in Instagram or Snapchat when we want to add filters to our stories. According to this, once in Holo, we should only open the camera of the application make the image or video and choose any of the available holograms.
Holo is an application entirely focused on entertainment, but as reported in The Verge, there are cases where when a video is recorded, the holograms do not work quite well because they do not recognize some surfaces, but undoubtedly something correctable in Updates.
For now, Holo is available for free in the App Store, from where you can download it for your iPhone and start incorporating the most fun characters, animals and objects into your images.
Do you encourage this proven Augmented Reality?

Holo - Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

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