Wednesday, June 7, 2017

How is iOS 11 on the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s? First performance tests

The Beta 1 of iOS 11 is now available for those with developer account, and with it begin to arrive the first performance tests . If you're wondering how the new operating system works on an iPhone 5s, 6s or 6s, this first test will give you an idea.
The test has been done by YouTube channel iAppleBytes , and the results, the truth, is not that they are precisely encouraging. Obviously, we are talking about the first Beta, and the final version of iOS 11 should get much more optimized, but, to this day, it is clear one thing: iOS 11 goes really slow on these devices . You can see the tests in the following videos:

IOS 10.3.2 vs iOS 11 Beta 1 on the iPhone 5s

As you can see, the performance of the iPhone 5s is much slower with the iOS 11 beta than with iOS 10.3.2. It starts taking a whopping 27 seconds more to boot , and all applications launch much more slowly. Of course, much has to polish Apple its operating system so that the iPhone 5s do not become a turtle with it ...

IOS 10.3.2 vs iOS 11 Beta 1 on the iPhone 6

The experience on an iPhone 6 does not differ much from what we had seen on the iPhone 5s: again, the device starts 27 seconds slower and everything goes slower. Animations go much less smoothly and take longer to run, while launching applications takes considerably longer.

IOS 10.3.2 vs iOS 11 Beta 1 on the iPhone 6s

In the iPhone 6s the thing improves slightly: the beta of iOS 11 is still considerably slower than iOS 10 in this terminal, although in this case the difference in boot time is reduced to "only" 20 seconds and everything moves with More smoothly than we had seen on the iPhone 5s and 6. Most likely, when the final version of iOS 11 comes out, the iPhone 6s will work perfectly with it.
What will you do? Will you install iOS 11 as soon as you can, or will you wait a reasonable time to see how it works on the different devices before you upgrade?
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