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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

How to act in case of iPhone or iPad loss

With the arrival of summer, there are many cases of accidental loss of our beloved devices. It is common to forget it on a terrace, on the beach or in a nightclub. Let us recognize that it is a nuisance, since in addition to the mismatch that provokes us it is usual not to have an insurance that covers this contingency. On the other hand are the friends of others. While stealing an iPhone or iPad in the national territory is not much use, if this device crosses the border and goes to a country like Morocco the thing can change.

What should we do?

First, it is almost mandatory to have the "Search for my iPhone" function activated When you log in to from any computer or from this application, you can see the device lost on a map. To do this, your phone or tablet must have internet connection that in the case of an iPhone is simple as long as the data remain active and there is battery. In an iPad only Wi-Fi is already something more complex.Search my iphone update
"Search for my iPhone" allows you to locate, block or delete your iPhone, preventing anyone from using it. On certain occasions, and without getting too tragic, it is true that if you lose the iPhone at home or do not know if you have left it in the car or in your workplace, this tool is very useful in these cases . You can display the device on the map or make the iPhone or iPad emit a beep. How many times do you lose your phone at home in silent mode? You call from the fixed and you do not hear the vibration. With the option to emit the sound you have solved it. For clueless heads like mine is the hand of a saint.Find my iPhone appIt must be said that this application works with all Apple devices that have registered under the same ID, ie, shows them at once on the screen.

Car Icon

It tells you the correct route to reach it. Maximum comfort . You may think it's the height of the vagrancy, but if you do not know the city you can get to the device immediately without losing yourself.Search for my iPhone

Lost mode

Lock the device with a code so nobody has access to the information . Neither will it issue any alert or sound. Apple Pay is also deactivated. You can rest easy, your information is safe.

Clear iPhone or iPad

The final solution if you have it lost and you know that you will not recover it . No one will be able to access the information it contains, but once deleted it will no longer be available.
As you see, Apple cares a lot about the safety of its devices. We just want you to never see yourself in this situation, because unfortunately it is not usual to recover a stolen device. Have you ever been through this experience? Share this post and leave us your comments .

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