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Monday, June 5, 2017

How to download, edit and share videos from your iPhone

For a long time, downloading videos from your iPhone was a complicated task, having to resort to jailbreak or using our computer for such purpose. But for some time, and thanks to a few applications, it is possible to do it directly from our device . 
That's why in this article we'll see how we can download, edit and share videos with a couple of free applications.

Download videos from your iPhone, easy and free

To do this we will use an application called Total - Free browser with file manager and cloud storage support, which despite having a name too extensive, perfectly fulfills our mission. 
The application is free and you can download it from the App Store .
Application to download videos from your iPhone
With this application you can download videos directly from your iPhone
To begin downloading a video we must have a link of the video to download (it can be YouTube, Facebook or practically any site) or we can use the built-in browser to find the video of our choice.
When you start playing the chosen video, the application will display a message with the option to download it . You can check the download status and then view the video in the "files" section of the application.
The application has a couple of interesting settings:
  • Private Browsing
  • User Agent: Specifies how we will view web pages (ie iPhone, Safari Mac, Firefox, etc.)
  • Clear history and cookies
  • Protection code: You can hide a folder using a 4-digit code
As an important fact, the application downloads the video but stores it inside, so if you want to pass it to the reel you must pay $ 3.99 or follow the steps that I will indicate in the section "share videos" .

Edit videos easily before sharing

In occasions we have some video that we downloaded or shared by some social network that requires some modification of the same, for this we will use a pair of gratuitous applications , Video Crop and  Video Rotate .
The interesting thing about these applications is that they are not the typical video editors , where we can group different scenes, apply filters and get a final video, but allow us to modify other interesting aspects of a video.

Video Crop

After downloading the video you can use Crop to edit it
After downloading the video you can use Crop to edit it
As its name indicates , thanks to this application we can cut parts of the video , adjusting it to different dimensions or aspect ratios. 
We will have some of the most used aspect ratios (16: 9, 4: 3, 21: 9) or we can trim the video manually.

Video Rotate & Flip

After downloading the video you can use Rotate Flip to edit it
After downloading a video you can edit it with Rotate & Flip
From the same developer, we find this application that will allow us to  rotate a video both vertically and horizontally . 
This is very useful when we have a video captured with a mobile upside down.

Share downloaded videos or save them to your reel

Once we have our video downloaded with the first application analyzed, we will see that to save it on our reel we must go through the box ($ 3.99) . To avoid this, we will see a couple of options that will allow us to save them on our reel or share it on social networks for free .

Share a video

Using the download application, we will access the files and we will see that to the right of each video a few arrows down that will open a menu with different options. For our case, we will go to the "Open in" option , which will allow us to share files on different social networks that we have installed or upload to iCloud Drive, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Save a video on the reel

If we do not want to pay the $ 3.99 that the application asks us to use completely, we can do a couple of actions to achieve the goal.
If you have a Mac , you can easily share the file using AirDrop . You should only have the option activated from your iPhone, on the bluetooth and be connected to the same WiFi network.
Another option is to send it by Telegram as a file , thus avoiding the compression that the messenger uses. 
For this we look for the file, open the options menu by clicking on the arrows to the right of it and select "Open in" , then choose "Import with Telegram" and look for our own user. With this we were able to send the video to us as a file without compression , being able to later accede to it practically from any device.
Surely there are many other applications that allow us to perform these actions, that's why I invite you to share them in the comments section.

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