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Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to remove Java completely from our Mac

For users of the Microsoft operating system, Windows, the use of Java is imperative and has hardly any effect on performance, but the same is not the case in macOS, as this tool so necessary and effective in other platforms, does not have as many utilities On Mac and over can get to shorten the life of our computer . If we add that most of the applications in Apple software no longer make use of the coffee cup.
The fact of implementing Java in our system has no complications, but if, on the other hand, we want to get rid of this tool completely, the thing gets a little more muddy, since the application does not have any program that automatically uninstalls it or anything Similar to perform this function. So far the only possible way to remove Java altogether was to remove all files one by one until there were none left.

The time came

Security of pages displaying Java in Safari
Do not worry, we have a very simple and easy solution with which you can do this task in a very short time. This process is done within the Finder application, doing the following steps: we open the tool itself, first of all we must close any browser or application that is using Java, once we have done this, we should go to the Library , Then Internet Plug-Ins, we look for the file JavaAppletPlugin.plugin and we delete it, we return to Library and click on PrefeerncePanes, we return to look for a file, in this case it is called JavaControlPanel.prefPane, once again we go back to the Library, support Application and then Java, we completely eliminate the Java folder, once this is done, the tool would definitely be out of our system.
Thirteenth cafe
Not a few have learned that the innocent cup of coffee could infect our system with malicious code files , which is why everyone expected Apple to give us a faster way to eliminate everything in a single pass .
It is very possible that some other website will ask you to have Java installed, but almost no page will ask you, because it is already starting to disappear . Once you have done the process mentioned above, your computer will be free and protected from any viruses that may have been squeezed in the past using Java . Quiet, you'll be better off without the application than with it, because the services it offers are minimal.

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