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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

How to save data to the maximum and optimize storage in WhatsApp

Regardless of whether you have the most economical and basic smartphone in the market or if you have a brand new iPhone, surely you use WhatsApp to communicate with your own. Just as there are other options as valid as Telegram, Line or even Facebook Messenger, at the end WhatsApp is the most used messaging app, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide. However, all of us are concerned about data consumption , especially when we are not with Wi-Fi, and storage space, more knowing that on Apple's iPhone is limited and we can only turn to iCloud to save something.
So we want to show you how you can save megas of your mobile data rate and the maximum possible space of your terminal simply by properly configuring WhatsApp options.

 How to save data and space in WhatsApp

The first thing we have to do is to prevent the videos and photos from the chats from downloading automatically, something that happens by default when installing WhatsApp. To do this, in the application we must go to Settings > Data usage and storage and there we can select if we want them to be downloaded automatically consuming data, Wi-Fi or otherwise never do. In addition, it is not necessary to choose the same option since we can individually select the Photos, Videos, Audio and Documents.
In addition, we can also select if we save the videos and photos on the reel automatically, for this we go to Settings > Chats and we deactivate the Save on the reel option
Mind, disabling the automatic download does not mean that we can not download the files that we send ourselves, we simply have to choose which ones and which ones do not and do it manually to appear on our reel . For example, if we are very interested in a video we can take advantage when we are near a known Wi-Fi to download.
If we want to save even more data, we recommend that you activate the tab below called "Lower data usage", so that calls are made optimizing the mega consumption .

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