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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

How to use "Drag and Drop" mode in the iOS 11 beta of your iPhone

One of the innovations brought by iOS 11 in its presentation last Monday was " Drag and Drop" , which allows you to "drag" a wide variety of items between various applications. According to Cupertino, Drag and Drop would be a new exclusive function for iPad , and the truth is that it has given enough headaches to many users who have already tested the beta of iOS 11 on their iPad, But in recent days there have been various media and developers, including Apple 5 × 1 on their YouTube channel , which have echoed that this feature is also seen on the iPhone , although it is true that in the Keynote Of last week Apple did not announce its version for mobile.
With Drag and Drop we can '' drag '' items between applications on our iPad.
With Drag and Drop we can "drag" items between applications of our iPad.

How can we use Drag and Drop from our iPhone?

Although with the beta of iOS 11 installed on the iPad you can use the Drag and Drop function from a few applications (Safari, notes, iMessage, email managers, etc.), on the iPhone the possibilities are reduced. There is some source, such as Steve TS, developer of games and applications, which ensures that the Drag and Drop on your iPhone allowed you to drag photos from the gallery to applications such as iMessage, web addresses to the tab "bookmarks" or "Read list" in Safari or even move photos between different albums. We can find a video demonstration on your Twitter account , which shows how you perform the processes just mentioned.
Yesterday afternoon on our YouTube channel we analyzed this feature on iPhone, although we contemplated the option that this was rather a  bug or an Apple watch , since it is not implemented on iPhone in the same way as on iPad, and the possibilities that Provides are much smaller than in the device in which this "drag and drop" function was officially presented.

Will the Drag and Drop come with the iPhone 8?

The big question that now arises is whether the improvement will come for all devices with iOS in November when a stable version of the operating system or if the Cupertino are reserving the Drag and Drop with all its functions when they launch the long - awaited iPhone 8 ( Or iPhone X, call it whatever you want). If the rumors are true and the new iPhone comes with a 6-inch screen, it would be more than logical to think that Drag and Drop could be very useful on the mobile, combining a SplitView or split screen and the option to drag items from an application To another as it is currently done on the iPad with the beta of iOS 11, which still have enough improvements.
In its attempt to make something like a computer slowly, something Apple has been introducing improvements like this; But it would not be unreasonable to think that you could integrate a drag and drop function for iPhone that would allow us to share things between different applications in a much easier and intuitive way.

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