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If you can! Push 22 times in 22 days through 22 Pushups, virtual app coaches, in-training and free fitness alerts

It is another option for those who enjoy exercising by pushing or pushing the floor. App as a coach in training 22 Pushups A good app helps to build muscle, arm and shoulder muscles. Good shape It also helps to reduce the stress of  PTSD and is also a good fit for the US campaign. Share it with friends on Facebook and help with challenging events.
# 22PushupChallenge "If you can! Push 22 times in 22 days through 22 Pushups "

22 pushups

Twenty-two days of 22-day push-ups or push-ups, the best number of days from online surveys by providing 22 pushups as coaches for training and fitness alerts. Body every day by setting a time that suits us to push. And there are more challenge modes within the app.
"If you push yourself, no one will see, but for the 22 Pushups, they will both count their facial expressions and gestures while pushing."

how to use

Slide to select the desired mode, such as Push Up For Reps. Set the number of times you want to push (recommended 22 times). Face the screen and place the phone on the floor at the chest level. Push the floor up and down the chest until the screen counts. (There will be a voice coach to count and motivate) when the push is complete. Can upload videos and create challenge events to share with friends via Facebook with  # 22PushupChallenge. "If you can! Push 22 times in 22 days through 22 Pushups " 

What is activity # 22PushupChallenge?

Event # 22PushupChallenge This happened so everyone was aware of the statistics that 22 soldiers had committed suicide every day from mental health problems in military time. By the defiant (Or not challenged) can donate money to the war-torn military healers.
The challengers had to push up 22 times and challenge two more (similar to the famous Ice Bucket Challenge two years ago).
One of the challenged Chris Evans, Captain America Can be considered an American military agent. And there are many other celebrities such as Jason Statham, The Rock, Tom Hardy etc.

Key Features of Apple's 22 Pushups

  • The app is easy to use, does not have to be tricky to set up.
  • Use a counting camera to perform the push-ups by placing your hands on the floor of your chest. Videos, gestures, and facial expressions are recorded within the app.
  • Can change coaches more than 5 styles, help cheering, encouraging and counting.
  • Can upload and share videos via Facebook, IG and more.
  • Coaching modes of coaching include:
    • Push Up For Reps - Push Up For Reps (recommended 22 times)
    • Pushup For Time - Free push-forward time.
    • Amrap Pushups - Free push ups (no push ups, no timers)
    • Interval Pushups - Push up the number of times in a given time.
    • 1 Week, 1 Day - Push the recommended amount in 3 days per week. (Leave only days and holidays)
  • It can record push events to Apple Health Health (Apple Health)
  • Activate Siri to access the app just say "Start exercising with 22 Pushups" or "Stop exercising with 22 Pushups" (Siri Integration).
  • Save your iCloud pushdown score.
  • Reduce stress and help with the campaign. # 22PushupChallenge To make everyone aware of the statistics, 22 soldiers committed suicide every day from mental health problems in military time. Just upload videos and post challenge events. # 22PushupChallenge "If you can! Push 22 times in 22 days through 22 Pushups "   via Facebook or other social media and tag 2 friends.

Download the 22 Pushups app.

Area: 62.7 MB Supports iOS 8.0 and up.
You can download the free Pushups 22 apps at the App Store.
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