Friday, June 9, 2017

iFixit opens the new MacBook Pro and this is what we have discovered

As every year, Apple users want to know all the news of the new products presented by the people of the apple, so various media investigate, filter and even disassemble or test the resistance of products of Californians .
IFixit is already a well-known medium in the world of known technology, because it always dismantles any new product of the technological world. Precisely for this and the presentations made by Apple in the last WWDC, we were waiting for this medium to open some of the new product of the apple .
The chosen ones have been the new MacBook Pro with Retina display and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The product has the seventh generation of Intel family processors . The great discovery has been when we observed that as it happened in previous models, both the CPU and RAM of this product are still welded inside the laptop itself.
Ifixit macbook pro 13 2017
All this entails is that as well says the medium responsible for gutting these two products, it is something quite complex to repair this model of MacBook , something that we have quite accustomed Apple with its terminals.
Of course this has been a good opportunity to see if unlike last year the technology Touch Bar was something easier to repair or replace than in its first generation, but nothing further from the reality, since iFixit has stated that even If you try something with it you could damage the computer itself.
Ifixit macbook pro 13 2017

Finally, it has been the source itself as always with the products that guts and disassembles, values ​​the ease of the product to be repaired observing that as usual in Apple products this model of MacBook has received a 1 out of 10, Confirming the difficulty of repairing it .
As we have been accustomed Apple with their products, it seems that they are quite complicated to repair, although it seems that this is not a problem for users who truly are all lovers of all products of the apple, as their purchase is still not dependent on If they are more or less easy to repair.
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