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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Increase security in High Sierra

The company of Cupertino presented in the WWDC 2017 on Monday, June 5, the new operating system that would incorporate the new iMac and MacBook . This new and innovative software has an incredible list of functions and tools that will make life simpler and easier to carry.
Apple has many priorities, one of them is the proximity to the perfect experience that we, the users, have when making any use of their products. But the bite apple company has been giving a lot of importance to security and privacy within its new operating systems, since the privacy of its customers plays a very important role in developing new software.
This is because they have been sending like crazy messages to their users, but only to those who have an Apple ID with verification of two steps, this is so that the next change that the Californian company puts in game does not catch them by surprise . This email basically says that after upgrading to iOS 11 or macOS High Sierra, the way to access our account will also be updated to the double verification , to thereby improve security considerably.

Where everything started

It was 2 years ago, in 2015, when Apple made the decision to carry out this new security protocol. The two verification steps make us send a 4-digit code to our trusted gadgets . This does not end here, this process will show us a map with the exact location of our devices and if they are off or out of coverage, it will show the last registered location, from which they tried to access our account.
If we lose our phone or have stolen some product from this company, we should not worry, since the thief in question has gotten in a good deal and also the worst thing that can happen is that we lose the device itself, but thanks To Apple Care, we can make use of the warranty of this and have a new one in a short time. Something is clear and is that stealing, for example, an iPhone today is one of the biggest stupid things anyone can commit.
These great advances that Apple gives us to know yet 4 months to come out officially, because the Cupertino have told us clearly that by July will leave the public beta , which is now available only to developers, and that In September will be within reach of all . We look forward to the arrival of the High Sierra.

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