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Monday, June 26, 2017

Instagram test "Favorites", a private mode between users

Instagram developers do not stop, although we are in the summer and many people are starting to go on vacation, Facebook developers test new features to fight the competition in Instagram that we will tell you below.

The Instagram feature for privately sharing content

Instagram is in full beta phase, testing a new feature called "favorites . A feature that allows users to create personalized lists of our closest friends so they can share messages and stories only with that list of favorite friends. Robby Stein, one of the directors of Instagram told the American publication of " The Verge ", that the company has been working on this function for more than a year, and an official version is expected in the coming months.
Instagram favorites
The new "Favorites" feature in Instagram
The first step for this feature is to make a list of favorites, for that we just have to tap on friends, family or followers that we want to share our more private publications. This content through this channel, can be edited at any time . When creating a publication, there will be a new option which will allow us to share the image or video for 24 hours in one of our favorite lists, or the possibility of publishing these messages publicly as before.

Users can edit the features of this list

"Instagram has begun testing a way to share messages with a more limited group of friends. "Favorites" is a new feature that tries to improve the lists of friends through our social network , encouraging users to publish more frequently and giving them more control over their own audience.
The green badge of "favorites" is somewhat smaller than the stories already introduced on Instagram, but at the same time, it signals your affection towards your friends in a way that I suspect will build a sense of intimacy. See a favorite post located among all the others, is a "plus" for your feed. "
Instagram Stories cover
Instagram Stories
When publishing some content within "favorites", those included by us in this section, will see the publication in its own Instagram feed, but this will appear with a green "favorites" badge . All other user profiles will also be updated with a favorites tab, and all traditional Instagram posts that have been shared with our favorites (not including ephemeral stories) will accumulate there.
Stein says his company is working hard "to get this right" for its users. A very important feature, especially in the section on the privacy of users. Those who are on a person's favorite list will never find out who is on the list, since the lists are not made public, so the only way they know they are favorites is by looking for the green insignia on the messages. If at any point you regret having someone on your favorites list, you will be able to relax because Instagram will allow you to remove all those people from your favorite list , that person will immediately lose access to another user's favorites tab in their profile .
In addition, there is no limit to the number of favorites that may be in a list, but Instagram expects each user to be between 10 and 30, since this feature is intended for a more intimate and closed environment of people .

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