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Sunday, June 11, 2017

IOS 11 vs Android O, comparative among the latest mobile operating systems

One of the main developments at WWDC was iOS 11 , Apple's new mobile operating system, which will be released soon (September). Meanwhile, we want to compare Android O (Android 8) with iOS 11, or what is the same, the next major updates of the most widely used mobile systems , who will win ?.
IOS 11 and Android 8 were introduced with few significant news. I do not agree when I read on other websites, that both operating systems come with few new features because the reality is that they change a lot. There is much talk about the launch of iOS 11 and its new features on the iPhone, if there are few news, that if the news presented by Apple already existed previously in Android (as if this prevented adopting such novelties in the ecosystem iOS ...), etc. Both have important news that we are going to analyze .
In the case of iOS 11, a detailed study between iPhone and iPad . While on Android the system is the same for all devices, Apple has wanted to separate features depending on the device we are going to use. First we will analyze iOS 11 vs Android 8 in the smartphone and then we will introduce ourselves in the tablet section.

Google Assistant vs Siri, both smart and contextual

Let's start with the real battle, the virtual assistant of both systems. Both are intelligent, both understand the context of the conversations, however both sin in the same, both Siri and Google Assistant will continue to engage those people who do not use any virtual assistant today .
Siri will integrate better with many applications of our devices.
Siri will integrate better with many applications of our devices.
I think in both the story will remain unchanged, more news but none that will make us enhance the use of the attendees. I like that we can write to both attendees, I like to be more intelligent, interactive and proactive. My personal opinion is that Siri is still ahead (slightly) than Google Assistant, although the steps forward given by Google are really impressive . The battle of the attendees will continue to give much to talk about.

Android Pay vs. Apple Pay, mobile payments also lift passion

On the subject of mobile payments I think Apple has taken an important step with Apple Pay in iOS 11. The possibility of spending expenses between friends may be the real step prior to further adoption of the system .
Android Pay in Spain is not even available and although the Cupertino platform only has only a few banks, the possibility of sharing money without the need for banks could increase its use.
Credit cards with Touch ID, advancement in security?
Payment with Apple Pay
Ideally for the users would be that the platform of Google arrived as soon as possible to our country. Greater competition implies the need to reach strings faster to avoid losing competitiveness , which translates into more banks available to everyone. As long as this does not change, I doubt that any mobile payment platform can replace the various payment options already in place.

Camera and Photos, not everything depends on the hardware

Google did very good job with the Photos app on Android 7 , but with Android 8 came to finish polishing said application. Free storage for users, notable improvements in storage, editing. Little can be blamed on Google here. However, iOS 11 does not want to be left behind, it introduces improvements in the camera like improvements in the optical image stabilization, improvements in the codec for the videos (videos of the same quality, but they weigh less).
2017 wwdc camera
WWDC 2017 Camera
If we see purely the characteristics between the two, it may seem that Google is victorious for the simple fact that you can have all your photos for free. That's also due to Google's business model . Apple by its counter, does not share such interests so the model varies greatly. While one seeks to improve their camera features, the other seeks to improve their photo services. For tastes the colors.

New design in the Control Center and Notifications

The biggest redesign in iOS 11 corresponds to the Control Center, a feature that on Android we find it as the panel of Quick Settings. For me (personal opinion) I am amazed at the ability to make the Apple Control Center more ugly every year . The only good news we can get out this year is that this can be configurable by the user. For example, instead of having the quick setting of Airplane Mode, we can place the WiFi Modem setting to share the Internet connection with our Mac.
WWDC 2017 control center
IOS Control Center 11
Yes, I'm already imagining more than one saying that "this is a feature that has been in Android for a long time . It's true, and although I personally do not like the iOS 11 design (I did not like the iOS 10 Control Center), it seems to me that the 3D Touch function within this section will give you a lot of life. In Android, this option appears under the name of "Notification Dots" and I say this because I want to make a nuance in these types of functions than if you copy one from the other.
New iPad Archives app with iOS 11
New iPad App for iPad with iOS 11. Source: Apple
Like it or not, both operating systems will be adapting novelties to each other because people's needs are very similar for users of one system or another. Like Notificacions Dots is a poor implementation of Apple's 3D Touch, it has not been the only novelty taken from iOS by Google. Picture in Picture, new APIs in Google Assistant that already included Apple in iOS 10, Notifications Dots, security improvements of the Android 8 system , so I can continue to reach more than a dozen. I do not want this to be a pretext for defending one brand over another.
I like that both companies copy characteristics of each other if said implementation is good for the user. A proof of what I am saying is the Archives application. A file manager that has been on Android for many years, but not with an implementation as good as iOS 11.

The iPad vs the rest of the market tablets

In the tablets section, I think Android has a very serious problem, or it just is not very interested in that market. I do not know which of the situations is correct but the truth is that if the Apple iPad was far from Android tablets, that difference is much greater with iOS 11 . The iPad is updated with news that remind us a lot of macOS.
New iPad Dock with iOS 11
New iPad Dock with iOS 11. Source: Apple.
I think Apple is looking for a new way for the iPad and its sales. A path that started Microsoft and where Google has not yet reacted. I hope they do (soon) so that the end user (we) are the ones that we really win with the changes.

Final ratings between iOS 11 and Android O

In short, each operating system has its advantages, disadvantages but the feeling after the Conference of Developers by both companies is that while Google opted to optimize and finish polishing their operating system with not many new (but necessary), Apple Opted for a new step in iOS for the iPhone and a huge step forward in iOS 11 for the iPad .
None of the news will serve to capture the competition's customers ( unless you're looking for an iPad ). Remember, in the end the winners are the users.

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