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Thursday, June 8, 2017

IOS 11 will allow us to share Wi-Fi keys with our friends

We all have our Wi-Fi connection in the house under lock and key and the password is not usually simple, since we usually have it pointed somewhere or we just have not changed it at all and can read on the same router. The problem comes when we go to a friend's house for the first time and we are scarce data in our rate, but sometimes, it is such an effort that we do not even try to put the key to connect to your internet, unless you have it Annotated in the mobile or the memory.
Apple has always told us that the purpose of their products is to make life easier and simpler in the stressed day to day society in which we live. They have already carried out this purpose in many ways, such as taking out the first iPhone, which this year celebrates a decade .
The bite apple company has announced that with the new operating system for their iPad and iPhone, iOS 11 , we can share in a very convenient and easy way the password which gives us access to our Wi-Fi. We can forget those days when we went to a family reunion or a friend's house and we needed this connection to access the internet.

This function will be of great help

Beta for iOS 11 developers
This innovative new tool Cupertino company, will operate as follows: users connected to the Wi-Fi network will be considered as hosts , when a phone, a computer or anything that can make use of this connection attempt to access, to The hosts will receive a notification instantly and it will be our decision whether to accept and give you the data to enter and be able to connect to the internet through our wireless connection or reject the request and thus deny access to the network.
We may think that this would be rather annoying, as we would not stop appearing messages from phones and devices to enter our Wi-Fi, but Apple has also thought about this. In order for a gadget to be able to connect to our network, this should be close to a considerable extent, this would prevent SPAM from requests sent from telephones other than our knowledge.
Apple continues to give us the tools we need in our day to day life to lead our lives with less stress and more affable. This will open many doors , as this will not be the only use we can give this new function of the iOS 11 operating system.

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