Monday, June 19, 2017

IOS 11 will turn off your iPhone even if the power button does not work

That one of the buttons of your iPhone is always broken is a nuisance, but with iOS 11 we are going to have a simple solution to do if the power button is damaged and we want to turn off our iPhone.
Until iOS 11 we had just one way to turn off our iPhone with the broken power button; We had to make use of the accessibility options and activate Assistive Touch to do so. The problem is quite serious, we are aware of this by the number of visits that have the article in which we explain how to turn off the iPhone if the power button does not work .
It seems that Apple has been slow to realize the nuisance that it means for the user to have Assistive Touch activated all the time just to be able to turn off the iPhone, or the simple fact of having to go activate it if they want to do it, and IOS 11 has devised A much simpler solution. A solution that, indeed, could have come much earlier.
When you have iOS 11 and you want to turn off the iPhone without touching the power button you should do this:
Step 1: Enter your iPhone Settings and go to the "General" tab
Delete-iPhone iOS 11
Step 2:  Scroll down at the bottom and you will see a new option, called Shut Down  so there is no loss ...
Delete-iPhone iOS 11
Step 3: Touching the switch off will show the usual slider, run your finger over it and your iPhone will shut down
Delete-iPhone iOS 11
All this will be when iOS 11 is released, meanwhile you must follow the method we linked above to turn off your iPhone when you have problems with the power button.
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