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Monday, June 5, 2017

IPhone 7, the best-selling smartphone of the year

It seems that it was yesterday when our beloved father and founder of Apple, the great Steve Jobs, was presenting the first iPhone, the iPhone 2G or Classic, in the WWDC 2007. This event is already 10 years old and the speed at which the Apple's mobile phones are amazing but surely neither Steve nor anyone expected the great revolutionary explosion that the first smartphone of this company was going to have.

Apple's revenue to review

Apple Money
Apple has always had fame to have an unusual income, even with its high prices, because not even 10 years after its birth in 1976, Cupertino already had a position in the list of the Fortune 500 and not last, were placed In position 411. This company started with great strides, but with the exit of their phones, their steps went from great to colossal.
From a financial point of view, it is rare that the year in which an iPhone goes on sale, this is not a leader in the sector of its market. Well recently, it was revealed that the iPhone 7 is the best-selling smartphone so far this year.
The figures that were recorded a few weeks ago indicated that 353 million smart phones had been sold worldwide and that 6% of the total were only iPhone 7 , stepping on the heels are his older brother, the iPhone 7 Plus and the OPPO R9s .

Competition from Asia

Apple clashes over China's security demands
Trademarks like OPPO have gained mass popularity over the last few months, but this data is not reflected in the selling public in the western part of the world , but in Asian countries like China and even India, where Apple is starting to Do tests by making the iPhone SE , brands of these characteristics have quite a lot of prestige.
Each brand presented 6 models of their respective ranges, these were sent during the first quarter of this year around the world to meet the needs of users of these brands worldwide.
The truth is that the evolution that has had the favorite son of Apple has been impressive, because it can not be compared to any other birth of any project in the universe of electronics and that is why the Cupertino won his name , On the basis of innovating without stopping and in the WWDC of each year leave gaping to all its customers .

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