Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It is confirmed that all 32-bit Apps will stop working on iOS 11

It has been confirmed what we had been waiting for a long time; The 32 bit Apps, all those that have long been unpublished by their developers, will no longer work on iOS 11 . When we open them, we will see this message indicating that the App needs to be updated in order to work on iOS 11 .
For years iPhones have used a 64 bit processor; The jump came with the arrival of the iPhone 5S , and its A7 CPU At the same time that Apple introduced that iPhone, announced that the entire operating system had been recompiled to run faster on 64-bit processors, and since then developers have had plenty of time to do the same with their Apps. Apps compiled for 64-bit processors work faster, among other benefits. However, a significant number (although a minority) of developers have not updated their Apps for years . All of them, and all their users, will lose the ability to use those Apps on iOS 11.
Apps that do not work on iOS 11
If you want to find out which Apps you have installed on your iPhone or iPad will stop working unless your developer updates them in the next three months, read this article where we explain how to find them . You may want to send a message to your developer, because after all, you have paid for that application.
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