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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Know the large number of users who connect to Facebook

Currently we live in an era where social networks have become an essential tool in our day to day . What began at first as something curious and novel, has become our daily bread. And is that with the advent of smart phones, social networks have captured a great impact and time of our lives . Of course, this has brought advantages and problems in equal parts.
The father of all of them is without a doubt Facebook . The great platform created by Mark Zuckerberg has allowed to change the world completely. Since it has allowed us to communicate easily with any user of the world , as well as share our photographs and stories. And there is no doubt that the most used is Facebook, despite the arrival of new services, which most of them have been absorbed by the almighty Zuckerberg.

Facebook reaches the frightening figure of 2 billion active users per month

Without going any further, the CEO of the company has decided to share by social networks, the amount of users who connect to the platform monthly. The figures are exorbitant, as the service has managed to reach nothing more and no less than 2 billion active users per month .
Once again demonstrates the great capacity and the impact that the arrival of the Internet has had on our lives . On the other hand, it is necessary to recognize the great work that the American company is carrying out with the expansion of services and new functionalities in the different applications that the queen platform offers us.
Although there are criticisms such as security and privacy . The company's engineers are continuously immersed in improving these weaknesses that have brought so much trouble to the global network in general terms.

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