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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Learn more about unsecured Wi-Fi networks

It is becoming more common to make use of the different Wi-Fi networks that are offered from shopping centers, catering establishments or hotel chains. It is a relief to be able to use them to not consume our data rates in excess. Today we will talk about unsecured Wi-Fi networks , or those that we can connect to without the need for keys. First of all we must explain that "unsecured" networks do not have to be unsafe, I explain. An Apple device considers a network to be "unsafe" when its encryption is lower than the WPA2 standard .

Discovering Unsafe Networks

WPA and WEP encryption networks have a lower security level than WPA2 and therefore can be easily violated by hackers or even people with minimal computer skills .


For all this it is advisable to follow a basic security protocol to avoid problems. Take note and keep your data safe.
  • Never connect to these networks to check bank information.
  • No social networking on these connections.
  • If it is possible and you need access to bank information, disconnect the Wi-Fi and make use of the mobile data.
  • Common sense, probably what you need to consult can wait a while until you get home.

What to do then?

No one is going to ask you to deprive yourself of using a Wi-Fi network when you are traveling or spending the afternoon at the mall. You simply have to discard those that do not ask us for any keys, that is, those that do not have the lock symbol. Usually they are usually identified with the name of CLIENTS or similar. In these open networks the information travels without encryption and therefore, if something or someone interposes between your device and the router can capture your data and make misuse of them .
It is not the first time that there is someone who has found his Facebook hacked. Typical case of connecting to an unsecured network that asked you to connect to it using data from any social network . Is it worth exposing so much? And the worst is not that, imagine the burden of checking charges on your credit card. I know the case of a direct relative who was found with charges of more than 1500 euros in plane tickets made from the United States , fortunately the insurance of the card answered of it, but the bad time does not remove nobody.
Neither bank nor financial information is safe when we connect to these types of networks , so make use of these recommendations to keep your privacy and your money safe. Now is the time to implement these simple recommendations and tell us your experiences. What do you do to avoid theft of your data?

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