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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Learn to personalize Memories with these Apple videos

A few updates ago, the iOS Photos app introduced one of the most important enhancements to date. And is that the appearance of the function Memories was an improvement to the predefined application of the Cupertino.
For those who do not know much about this function called "Memories", it is a place where the different content of images and videos of our iPhone terminal, integrated with transitions and music, meet. No doubt this is a quick and effective way to create attractive audiovisual content .

Easy and interesting tutorials

It should be noted that during the last hours, Apple have released a couple of videos on the official Youtube channel . The function of these videos is to teach us how to personalize our content using the Memories function.
On the other hand, these are small videos with little duration but quite clear and intuitive, as we have been accustomed to Californians.
The first video is intended to teach us to personalize our stories in a simple way . In this way, we can choose different sources for our titles and texts, while choosing the music.
Then, once our Memory is over, we can share it with our friends and family , as explained in the second video.
Without a doubt these videos are very interesting, as they allow us to take more advantage of our devices of the company , and is that I am sure that many users still do not know is such wonderful functionality.
We must emphasize that with the new update of iOS 11, the engineers of the company would aim to launch new features intended for Memories . And although at first glance it is not an essential and necessary function for our day to day, it is very interesting to create a small audiovisual work in a fast and comfortable.

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