Tuesday, June 27, 2017

LG Innotek would be producing printed circuit boards thinking about the iPhone 9

It is likely that reading the title of this article has shocked you about iPhone 9, and you may have thought that we had been wrong and that perhaps we wanted to refer to the iPhone 8, even without presenting. Well no, there is no fault in the title, and it seems that LG would be mass producing printed circuit boards with the eye on the iPhone 9.

What are printed circuit boards?

Also known as PCBs ( Printed Circuit Board), printed circuit boards are used in many devices as a way to drive through different electronic components. These plates are present in most electronic devices of our day to day: radios, televisions, calculators, computers, mobile phones, in addition to many other devices.
Printed circuit board with its conductive tracks, which we will see possibly on the iPhone 9
Printed circuit board with its conductive tracks.

LG will start producing flexible PCBs in 2018, for the iPhone 9?

Even at the expense of knowing the official date of presentation of the expected iPhone 8, LG has announced that it will begin to produce flexible printed circuit boards in 2018, something that has not done until the time. This news adds to the rumors that it could be one of the main suppliers of FPCB (flexible printed circuit boards) iPhone 9.
If we think of the above does not seem a completely crazy idea, and is that in 2018 will be presented the iPhone 9 if the pace of presentation of generations of devices by Apple continues as so far, so if the claims that LG Innotek will produce this type of technology for the same year are true, it would not be strange that Samsung would join a competitor in the field of manufacturing printed circuit boards for iPhone.
LG will become Samsung's competitor in the manufacture of printed circuit boards for iPhone.
LG will become Samsung's competitor in the manufacture of printed circuit boards for iPhone.

The OLED screen, the great culprit

Much of the blame that the iPhone have to incorporate flexible circuit boards from now on have the rumors of the OLED screen on the iPhone 8, which requires yes or yes a board of this type. So far all Cupertino mobile devices have included PCBs (not flexible), but now things have changed, and printed circuit boards have to be flexible by imposing the OLED screen.

That LG does not start supplying this type of plates to Apple from the iPhone 8 may be because, according to rumors of the company itself, the development of flexible plates by LG would not have finished until yesterday, June 25, and It is likely that by now Apple already has an official supplier of FPCB for the model that will be presented this year, so LG would not get on the car piloted by Samsung until next year.
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