Thursday, June 1, 2017

LG is already preparing to meet the demand for OLED panels by Apple

Recently many of the rumors that speak of the iPhone, mention a new screen for which will be the next Apple smartphone. As you can see, Californians would have opted for a new technology for the iPhone 8 screen .
Apple would bet on OLED panels for its next iPhone and according to various media, LG will put all the meat on the grill to remain an important piece in providing the panels of their iPhone to Apple .
Specifically, the filtration ensures that although LG's first intention was to open a new factory to produce panels for televisions, this intention has changed following Apple's demand for these types of OLED panels . This new factory, in addition would be directed to create models of OLED panels in this case flexible.
Panel oled tv LG
As expected with this new location in South Korea, it is estimated that production of this type of panels will increase between 2018 and 2019, by more than 30,000 units. All this proves, is that this type of panel is ready not only to be implemented in products like the iPhone, but also in tablets and televisions .
So also Samsung and Apple, where the former is the largest supplier and manufacturer of these types of OLED panels , and the second seems to bet on this technology for a product as important as their iPhone.
Iphone panel
All this is just one more chapter of that story, which began when Apple asked Samsung for more than 70 million OLED screens for what was expected to be their next terminal . Now with these new data, we will have to see how the market changes once LG has demonstrated its intention to remain the second distributor of Apple screens behind Samsung.
Now we only have to wait and see when Apple is presenting a new device with this type of OLED panel, and if the iPhone will be the first to release this new technology, or Apple will present us this June 5 at the WWDC Some product with this OLED panel .
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