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Monday, June 26, 2017

LG would produce printed circuit boards for the iPhone 9

During the last months, the rumors that have leaked are related to the next renewal of the ones of Cupertino: the iPhone 8 . And is that this new terminal would aim to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, so that would be full of technological innovations, fruit of the Californian company innovation.
We have been reporting this leaks for a long time. And by surprise, new information on the iPhone 9 has been discovered today . That is, without having already presented the iPhone 8, are already known new data technology that would use the Californians in the ninth renewal of the iPhone.
All indications are that California would use printed circuit boards in their terminals . It should be noted that this type of technology is applied in many devices on the market today, such as radios, calculators, computers and some mobile phones, among many other devices.

LG would become the main provider of the iPhone

No doubt it would be something new for the company , since to this day Apple had never used this type of plates in the catalog of its products. In this way, the Korean firm would begin to produce this type of plates from next year . It is very likely that LG will become the main manufacturer of Cupertino iPhone plates.
Unlike the rest, these types of plates would be of the flexible type . It would certainly lead to greater possibilities in the design of the iPhone. Also, let's emphasize that OLED screens require this technology , while giving you greater advantage when creating screens with more flexible designs.
At the moment we will have to wait a minimum of one year to learn more about this new technology. For now, we must enjoy the next expected renewal of the iPhone and expect the Californians to officially present this device, which in my opinion will not incorporate great news that we do not know.

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