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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Logitech launches a new backlit keyboard for the iPad Pro 10.5 "and 12.9"

The company Logitech has just announced the launch of a new keyboard specifically designed for the new 10.5-inch Pro iPad that was introduced during the WWDC 2017 ( you can see it here ). It is also available for the older brother of the iPad Pro, the 12.9-inch.

Slim Combo, the Logitech Keyboard for iPad Pro

The commercial name they have given to this new keyboard is Slim Combo, which indicates that it will be really thin, something that the company usually gives much importance when designing their products to make them as light as possible.
Best of all, we can buy it on the same day that we get our 10.5-inch iPad Pro, as Logitech has been collaborating with Apple to launch the keyboard along with the iPad Pro. Although the iPad Pro 10.5 Will begin shipping to its owners next week, this keyboard can already be found on the website of Logitech and the Apple website .
I've talked about the Slim part, but the best part comes now. The name Combo comes given that we can put the iPad in different angles according to our needs. It not only includes a keyboard that connects via Smart Connector, but also incorporates a protective case that works at the same time of stand when putting it in different angles. Just great.
In addition to this, the keyboard is backlit to work better under light beam conditions. You can adjust the brightness intensity in three levels of brightness. Also we will have available a series of multimedia keys at the top of the keyboard, as it happened on this keyboard that we teach you.
In this video you can see how this keyboard-case of Logitech works. A great idea on the part of the company.

Logitech thinking about everything

In addition to protecting your iPad Pro with the case and adding that gloss on the keys to be able to write at night, Logitech has added a dedicated pen holder for the Apple Pencil, so you can carry everything in one case to avoid loss and forgetting.
This is what the company thinks, and therefore current in this way in its designs.

"In the past you were tied to a workspace with a PC, and you used your tablet for quick messages or entertainment when you were not in the office; That's not the case, "said Michele Hermann, vice president of mobility for Logitech. "To be a professional nowadays, you need the power of the PC, but more easily transportable, whether you're on a train, in the park, at a meeting or wherever you need to be. The Slim Combo unleashes the power of the iPad Pro to bring you the future of personal computing; A future that is easier, faster and fun. "
The price of this keyboard case is $ 129.99 for the 10.5-inch model and $ 149.99 for the iPad's largest Pro, the 12.9-inch. You can buy today from both the Logitech website and the official Apple website , as well as the physical Apple Store. The keyboard is available in both blue and black.

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