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Monday, June 5, 2017

MacOS High Sierra arrives!

We already know some of the new features of WWDC this year, and one of the most talked about is the renewal of its macOS operating system . If we already liked MacOS Sierra, the new version High Sierra will surely love , especially with the news that comes under the arm. What's New Old man?

Safari, better than ever

We knew that Safari is one of the best browsers of today , but this will improve even more after the update of macOS, after which, according to Cupertino, will become the best browser on the market. This will achieve, in addition to performance improvements, with the inclusion of a lock to AutoPlay , that is, typical videos that start to reproduce suddenly when entering a web.
New safari
In addition to this, we will be able to avoid that the websites where we buy follow us wherever we go in the form of advertisements, and that is implemented a system to avoid it based on machine learning , which will help us protect our privacy and forget the hateful ads The lamp we bought last week, does it sound, Gearbest?

What's new in photos, videos and graphics, wow, Apple!

As for the multimedia sections, the new organization around the photographs stands out , which supposedly will allow us to access them more easily, in addition to a new facial recognition system, which allows us to see the photographs in which a Same person, for example. In addition, the possibility of printing our favorite images through third parties arrives , something that will please the lovers of the giant posters, although we doubt that arrives with force to Spain.
We will also have news regarding videos, and is that has come to stay the H.265 codec , which will mean 40% better compression, as well as greater power in the hardware acceleration .
And how not, could not be left without mentioning the graphics, and is that Metal already has substitute. No, do not expect a big renovation, but from now on we will have Metal 2, which means an improvement by 10 in the graphics and greater optimization for third-party applications, without forgetting the virtual reality, as we will have availability For VR. Will you have an Apple as yet?
However, these are not all news, within very, very little we will tell you everything that happened in the WWDC here, in NewCydiaTweaks, do not miss it!

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