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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MacRansom, a malware that can endanger your Mac

If you think that by having a Mac you are safe from potential malware, I'm sorry to disappoint you. MacRansom is the name of an exclusive malware for all those who have a Mac.

MacRansom, the malware for Mac

MacRansom is a new malware that focuses on those people with a Mac. This malware enters your device through possible security holes and seeks to encrypt all those files available on your computer , to request a rescue for such information.
Ransomware Malware Comes to Mac
Ransomware Comes to Mac
It has been Fortinet researchers who have discovered this malware, an intruder on our Mac that reminds us quite a bit of its Windows counterpart, Ransomware. Many have been experts who have already begun to work hard to end this problem. Patrick Wardle of Objective-See, has discovered interesting things about this malware that is designed for Mac. The first point discovered is that its origin comes from ransomware, however, its structure from a developer's point of view is much less technical than Ransomware that attacked Windows computers.
The second and most interesting thing for Mac users is that it is offered as a service. They offer you a service when what they actually do is extort infected users. Patrick Wardle points out that there are some websites in TOR that can add a certain personalization to this malware. However, whenever you are consistent with the links or emails you open, you should not have any problems.

Be consistent with what you download or open on your Mac

Another important point of this malware is that before starting the encryption of the different files of your Mac, MacRansom is allowed to be seen in your system. Wardle ensures that an attempt is made to persist malware prior to file encryption , which allows malware to be detected on our Mac computers before they begin to "capture" our files from the device.

Macbook in use
There are some tools like  RansomWhere  that allow to detect these types of intruders in our Macs in a simple and comfortable way. However, it is best to use common sense. Apple is characterized by constant software updates , so that these electronic parasites can not enter your computer. That's why it's so important to upgrade your Mac as soon as possible. Also, never be warned to be careful with the site of download and the content of such download . Everything is not enough if we do not take care of our files and our Mac.

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