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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Malware on Mac continues to grow according to McAfee

Security company Mcfee has unveiled figures for the surge of malware on Mac in the first quarter of 2017. The increase has been remarkable, though not as alarming as it sounds.

Increase in malware by approximately 40%

The year 2016 ended with figures that did not reach the 500,000 cases of malware detected, while in 2017, the number of cases has already surpassed 700,000 , a figure that can ignite alarms, but quiet, it is not like looks like.
Increase Malware on Mac
Increase of malware in Mac. Source: 9to5mac
First, Mcfee, when measuring the number of cases is not entirely true since what it really measures are each case that occurs in applications , although these are the same. That is, if it detects the same malware in ten thousand Macs, it registers as 10,000 cases. It is true that all these cases are recognized but we are talking about the same malware.
Secondly, the company itself Mcfee has noted that the number of cases has been driven by an overflow of advertising programs . Adware, in addition to being annoying, causes the numbers to increase without actually affecting our Mac. Examples are ads in the browser or other applications.
Finally, the malware cases for Mac detected by this company amounted to only 1% of those found on Windows computers , where the total hit almost 700 million. This is partly because MacOS becomes a smaller target, and therefore less attractive, and partly because the platform has a more strict protection incorporated. Apple also generally responds quickly with security updates when malware is detected.
Malware Snake
Snake can appropriate all your personal information
This is not to say that Mac users should not be worried since there are some nasty Mac malware bogs out there. As always, it is safest to install applications directly from the Mac App Store or, failing that, from trusted developer sites.
It is very common to opt for payment applications that we can find for free on some third-party websites, which can be a source of malware for our Macs, violating their security and which, of course, we do not recommend since NewCydiaTweaks.


Although Mcfee has provided this "alarming" data, it is not as worrisome as it sounds, with case numbers and not malware. Still, we must be wary of our Apple devices, be it iOS or MacOS and always rely on secure developers or the App Store. That does not hurt your pocket when we have to pay for an app, in the short or long term we will be happy about it.

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