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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Meet the 56 new emojis that will be available for iOS

The arrival of a new pack of emojis is always good news for users of any online messaging service, because in honor of the truth, even the least expressive has used one of these nice pictures to express what neither The best sentence could.
Recently, Unicode has officially introduced 56 new emoji, which will likely reach iOS later this year

Unicode 10 will feature 56 emojis

The creators of the Unicode consortium have launched Unicode 10, which has a total of 56 new emojis which include fun and useful images like mad face, bitcoin sign, a zombie and much more as we will see in the following list:
Until now, it is expected that those interested in this new group of images for iOS will wait until the end of the year or the first quarter of 2018. Since, according to the calculations, the launch of Unicode 10 has been very time consuming to be able to coincide with its inclusion in IOS 11, available from September. On the other hand, this delay, could serve to attract users to download the first updates of iOS 11; IOS 11.1 or iOS 11.2.
With this new group of images it is expected to cause the same satisfaction that left Unicode 9, when it presented its 72 new emojis, for iOS 10.2, last year, pleasing users with popular graphics such as selfie, bacon or face clown.
The launch of emojis is always part of small updates in iOS, but certainly a sufficient hook that manages to attract a good number of downloads in each new version of the operating system of the iPhone and iPad. Do you already have your favorite?

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