Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Micro-LED technology could be included in future Apple Watch

It seems that micro-LED technology continues to hover around the rumors in Cupertino. Today, new rumors appear that Apple continues to develop and try to adapt micro-LED technology for Apple Watch "as early as next year 2018" . This rumor could make sense by fitting in perfectly with the release date of this product and another report that ensured that the Cupertino would start the first test production in late 2017.

The micro-LED technology would be falling in the Apple Watch of 2018

If the rumors are true, this would indicate that Apple would not have to continue with its current dependence on Samsung . The Korean manufacturer is the official supplier of OLED screens in the Apple Watch. On the other hand, another rumor suggests the possibility that Samsung might be interested in buying a factory in Asia that is dedicated to the development and production of micro-LED technology, this manufacturer would be PlayNitride .
Expectations of Apple Watch 2
New expectations for Apple Watch with micro-LED technology
Different reports published today indicate that Apple could bring its micro-LED technology plants to the city of Taoyuan in Taiwan . According to some economic analysts, only Apple could deploy the micro-LED technology to a wide scale like that would demand the production of Apple Watch.

The benefits of this technology goes beyond the image on the screen

The devices with micro-LED displays have the possibility to be thinner, lighter, to see an improved and brighter color range without mentioning an increase in the resolution of these screens . This technology is expected to hit the market in a few years, even some analysts say that technology will be market leader thanks to smartphones such as the iPhone or Apple Watch itself  .
Micro-LED technology scheme
Micro-LED technology scheme
"Apple is working very hard to promote micro-LED technology ... the company could push the use of this new technology as early as next year, " said an executive with a deep knowledge of this technology.
"At this point, Apple is the only company capable of deploying micro-LED technology , a technology that is still in a testing and development phase, a stage in which it is difficult to cover the high costs incurred by the low rate Performance of these displays. "
Apple testing new screens for the Apple Watch
Apple testing new screens for the Apple Watch
According to Eric Chiou, an analyst at research firm WitsView in Taipei, "With micro-LED technology, Apple is looking not only to improve its internal components in its products but also unique designs to really differentiate itself from its rivals ." Of course, being so far away from a launch with this technology, it is impossible to know exactly what Apple plans to do with such screens, whether within the next generation of Apple Watch or a different device.
The launch of such screens in the future could be the answer to Apple's acquisition of a company called LuxVue in 2014 . Foxconn (another company developing Apple devices in China) may be analyzing possible changes in its plants to adapt its production chain to micro-LED technology. To do this, Foxconn would be thinking of acquiring eLux,  in order to "start the development of the next generation of micro-LED display technology".
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