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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Microsoft Office 2011 will no longer be compatible with MacOS High Sierra

A support document released by Microsoft shows that although the latest versions of the Windows office suite do not work on the High Sierra, earlier or older versions, including Microsoft Office 2011, will run out of official support.

Microsoft Office 2016 should not run on High Sierra

In the support document, published shortly after the High Sierra revelation , Microsoft states that Office 2016 applications do not currently work , so users will have to wait for a future upgrade. According to Microsoft, "not all Office features may be available" with High Sierra and stability issues are manifested when "applications close unexpectedly." Without going into specific reasons, Microsoft strongly recommends that users take these data into account before testing the software.
The company asks users to submit their comments if they choose to try Apple products with High Sierra and use the Microsoft Office machine. Versions 15.34 - the current version - and earlier are not compatible with High Sierra . It should be remembered that this update of 15.3 was released on May 16. Microsoft points out in the same memo that Office for Mac 2011 "have not been tested" and "no formal support will be provided for this configuration".

Office 2011 will no longer have official support in High Sierra

Office for Mac 2011 will also stop receiving support from Microsoft on October 10, 2017 and no further updates of any kind will be provided after that date.
We reviewed the latest version of Office for Mac 2011 in April, version 14.7.3, and it was noted that the end result was worse after upgrading High Sierra. Service crashes were even more prevalent than in Office 2016 for Mac. An attempt was made to test a typical standard solution to solve such problems: uninstall and reinstall the suite. And for nothing, neither the 2011 version nor the 2016 version were better after a complete removal and reinstallation.
Microsoft Office 2011 Office suite for Mac
Office 2011 Office suite for Mac
Bottom line: The 2016 version is working hard on High Sierra in update 15.34 after several tests . The 2011 version does not work on any update, being also out of support in 2018.
That's why we do not recommend even testing the beta of macOS High Sierra if you normally work with office packages as it is in this case. High Sierra is still a somewhat unstable beta at the moment, which is only for developers.

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