Saturday, June 17, 2017

Microsoft thinks Apple plagiarizes with iPad Pro

To what we call Apple and we have as reference of innovation, as this company has managed to revolutionize a long list of markets and industries , from the global industry market with iTunes , to the way we see today smartphones, Because everything began in 2007, 10 years ago , in the keynote of the first iPhone, the iPhone 2G or Classic, presented by the late father and founder of the company, Steve Jobs.
One of the keys to success on which this company has been based has been on the privacy and intimacy they have provided and even today lends to the customer , but that is not the most important secret face of Apple, since Recently a lot of patents have been leaked to new projects or products of the company that will be released to the market soon , it is starting to be worrisome the number of confidential files that escape them.
The iPad and the Surface, the two bets of Apple and Microsoft to compete in the market of the tablets
On this occasion, the company of tycoon Bill Gates, Microsoft, follows very closely the steps of Apple, but it is not the same to go behind than in parallel to the apple bite company. Microsoft's manager for the Surface section, Ryan Gavin, has publicly said in an interview with a famous American newspaper that the Cupertino company is undoubtedly copying concepts and ideas to improve and give place to our beloved iPad Pro .
In the world electronics market, it is very common for large brands to be accused of plagiarism, but the abysmal difference between plagiarism and inspiration must be very clear , and more so if conflicts like this occur in a way that we might consider frequent.
When the interviewer asked Galvin if Microsoft had plagiarized or copied something about Apple and its ways of doing things, he replied:
"If we had looked at Apple we would not have released a device like Surface Pro or Surface Book. We've been perfecting our 2-in-1 products for years. When we launched Surface Pro everyone was skeptical, even Apple . Although they finally ended up going our own way, and the iPad Pro shows it. "
The truth is that the idea seems crazy, why was Apple copying Microsoft into a market that they invented? Ryan Galvin lacks consistency in explaining his arguments against the Cupertino company.
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