Sunday, June 11, 2017

Monument Valley 2 is already in the App Store

This 2017 will go down in history for the various news presented by Apple . One of them is undoubtedly the aesthetic change that will suffer the App Store throughout this year, with the arrival of iOS 11 and presumably the iPhone 8 and its variants.
As we told you this week, Apple had opted for a design much more similar to Apple Music for its app store , which entails a better design when it comes to knowing and looking for new apps.
Precisely looking, we have found the second part of one of the best known games of the App Store and the world of mobile games. Monument Valley 2, is now available in the App Store to be downloaded on all devices with iOS 9 or higher.
Monument valley 2
Although they say that the second parts were never good, ustwo Games or the developer of both games ensures us fun, puzzles and completely new puzzles . In addition and unlike the previous game, in this second part we will have as protagonists a mother and a daughter.
We have already downloaded the application, and certainly remains that series of games made to make the player think , and even play with all the puzzles and perspectives offered by each of the levels and screens within these.
Monument Valley 2
As with the first game this second part is payable, specifically in Spain the game costs more than five euros , a price that for those who have already played the first of the saga, we know that the quality of the app is more That justified.
Although the game carries a two in its title, it is the developer himself who assures that it is not necessary to have played the first one to be able to enjoy this newly released Monument Valley 2 .
Now the only thing we can do is recommend you by all means download this great game , and begin to investigate in this great world of puzzles and optical illusions that will make the game an adventure.
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