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Friday, June 30, 2017

More tests for making the iPhone in America would not create jobs

We all hear the famous "Made in China" that we can find on the back of our iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc., followed by an "Designed in California", everything has to be said. The big reason why Apple manufactures its products in this Asian country is due to the cheap cost of the materials needed to build one and also to the workforce, which is much less expensive than anywhere else in the world . Now he is giving the Cupertino to manufacture their terminals in India, as we already see are starting to leave the first iPhone manufactured in this country.

Will Apple create jobs in the United States?

Trump Migration Policies Affect Technology Companies
As we all know, Donald Trump was elected president by ballot on November 8, 2016, but until January he was not allowed to hold office. The biggest favor that decided to leave Trump and not Clinton was the promises he made about the economy and employment in the country , which according to statistics are being reflected, but at what price?
Trump said he was going to help Apple as much as possible to enable them to manufacture all of their products in the United States, to spend less money on importing and making more profits, but apparently Tim Cook has made it clear to Trump that this it does not work like that. The CEO of Apple has firmly said that the problem is not that there is no money to pay for labor and materials here, the real problem is that there are not enough people qualified to work in this job , at least in the States United.
There are some exceptions, outside of North America, that Apple creates factories outside of his native country, as well as fuel example of Brazil or as we said above in India. In December of last year, Foxconn already had ten automated production lines, but that's the thing, it's not people, it's machines that do the work , the only country capable of performing this function through people is China for now.
This would be one of the great reasons why the Cupertino company manufactures its terminals and other products abroad, rather in Asia, for the cheap cost of labor and materials , all this not to mention that it is in China where Are people sufficiently prepared to perform this function

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